Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Long time no hear....

Its been a while since I posted a contribution.  Been busy with VASERing.  We've also had some VASER courses in the last few months.  Interestingly a few UK docs came for some advanced training.  It really brings home what experience and patient load can count for.  Some of the practitioners are only performing a few cases a month and that really shows in their technique.  It was great to be able to share a few good tips and tricks.
When not performing the procedure for a week or so one really does de-skill.  It must feel like starting all over again.  I am reallly fortunate that I have a constant steady flow of patients.  Even though the flow is steady I do still learn new tricks each and every day.  Trying different techniques, angles, combinations does pay off in the results we get.
I see Darryn Lyons has been the talk of the town with his abdo sculpting.  It is possible that  he has not maintained a healthy lifestyle and possibly also put on some weight.- hence his abdo looks a little fake.
The bottom line is patient selection for Hi Def VASER is really important.
Only then are the results going to be great.

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