Thursday, 9 February 2012

VASER Hi Def - before and after

I saw another VASER Hi Def patient yesterday.  The procedure was performed in June last year.
One of the important aspects of having this treatment is being willing and able to maintain the result.  Its not a quick fix at all.  Ideally prospective candidates should be relatively fit and already have a fair amount of contour.  The procedure is aimed at pronouncing the contour and definition.
I see many patients that see themselves as very fit, but are not suited for the procedure.  This can be due to a variety of reasons:
lax skin, too many stretch marks, musculofacial laxity (when the skin is very mobile), too much visceral fat (fat around the organs), clear inability or lack of motivation of not being able to maintain the result.

Understandably many patients are disappointed if I tell them that they are not suitable for the VASER Hi Def procedure.  It all boils down to being honest and realistic.  There is no point in trying to attempt to perform the procedure on a patient that is not suitable.  Firstly its unethical from a medical standpoint, secondly the patient will not be satisfied, and thirdly, one will be trying to correct what one cannot achieve.

There are many before and after pictures available on the net that are good examples of patients that were not suitable for the VASER Hi Def procedure.

The procedure needs to be tailored to the individual patient.  Thats where the 3D "vision" comes in.  Visualising the anatomical landmarks and underlying muscles is of paramount importance.  Hence its easier to treat patients that have a fair amount of muscular definition already.  It is although not impossible to visualise these under a thinnish fat layer.  Also important is input and feedback from the patient prior to the procedure. Some patients don't want specific types of the definition and its important to specify this at the marking stage.  I always get my patients to look at their marking and make sure they are in agreement with the style of definition.  Before pictures of the markings will then also confirm this.
Below is a picture of another content patient who has managed to maintain his result.......

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