Tuesday, 6 March 2012

VASER treatment areas in male and female patients

Alternative, non-invasive liposuction techniques have been developed to treat smaller areas of adipose deposit.  The collection of anatomical areas has remained fairly consistent over the last few years in both male and female patients.
Our figures confirm this - for males the most popular treatment area is still the abdomen and chest (gynecomastia) and flanks.  Males tend to limit themselves to these areas as they have only really become aware of the cosmetic industry in the last few years.  As treatments become more available and less invasive our male patients will undoubtedly look at other treatment areas.

For females the most popular treatment areas remain the abdomen, flanks, outer thighs (saddle bags) and gluteal fold.  For women the most troublesome areas are the midriff and the outer thighs.  These respond well to VASER with most patients achieving very good results.

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