Thursday, 31 January 2013

Update on Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

One of the most sought after treatments we offer has been the Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation.  In light of the PIP breast implant scandal women are seeking alternatives to implants.

In 2012 we saw a steep rise in fat transfer procedures- not only to the breast, but also the the hands and face.  "FAT HAS BECOME THE NEW FILLER" its your own tissue, you cant reject it, and it wont result in capsule formation or contracture.  Furthermore, it is soft, feels like surrounding tissue and blends in with the natural shape and contour.

BAAPS have also commented Interestingly, for the first time we see a greater number of women having procedures to re-insert fat (known as fat transfer, to add volume to the face) than to remove it, in the form of liposuction."
The most popular procedure was still breast augmentation (‘boob jobs’ using implants) but numbers dipped by 1.6%, from 10,015 in 2011 to 9,854 in 2012
Women had more fat-injecting than fat-removing procedures for the first time, with 2,641 fat transfer procedures compared with 2,638 liposuction ops.
Graft retention rates (the volume of fat that survives) have improved vastly.  This is mainly due to healthier respect for the tissue and utilising different techniques.   Using more volume has also allowed us to achieve slightly larger sizes than before.
Important is still to have very realistic expectations.  These are not implants and thus sizes like DD and E are not achievable.  Also many women require significant lifting of the breast and this procedure is not suited for that, although more projection of the breast is often achieved.

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