Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hand rejuvenation using autologous fat

When you are introduced to someone the first body part you engage with is the hands when you shake them.
One of the most common attributes of ageing is that we lose volume - be that in the face, breasts, buttocks or hands.  Volume loss can make us look gaunt, and many people try maintain a certain weight to keep at a particular BMI.  Unfortunately as we get older we have little control over the fat loss - lipoatrophy.
Most patients in tune with trying to keep younger looks concentrate on their face, neck and decolletage.  Hands are often neglected and not seen as vital in maintaining.
We have started using lipo-filling or autologous fat transfer as a rejuvenation technique for the hands.
Most candidates have some fat they can donate for this purpose.  The most common are we harvest from is the thighs, as we can harvest fat without leaving any visible asymmetry or disproportion.  Alternative areas are - abdomen or flanks.
This procedure can obviously also be combined with larger liposuction techniques and added onto the end of the procedure.

On its own the procedure is performed under local anesthetic  and takes approximately 1 hour.  I tend to overfill the hands as some volume is lost over the first few weeks.
Recovery is very straight forward with only minor swelling of the hands.  The harvest sites again remain swollen for 1-2 days and occasionally minor bruising does occur.

Click here for a recent article in the Daily Mail on fat transfer case I performed.

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