Tuesday, 30 July 2013


This condition is probably the bain of many a women's life.....
I get asked about solutions and treatments for this skin appearance on a daily basis.  It rears its head in many forms and severities from mild dimpling to severe orange-peel effect.

            mild cellulite only on compression                                               visible without compression

The underlying architecture of the subcutaneous fat is the cause of the visible change.  There is herniation of fat deposits in between fibrous connective tissue strands.  Almost like a honey cone where the honey represents the fat and the cone the fibrous septa.

CELLULITE is almost exclusively found in women, although occasionally seen in men on hormone treatment.  We see it most commonly in post-pubescent women.
Scientific evidence is still scanty on the exact cause and related factors, but we know that oestrogen hormone plays a large role.  Other factors include genetics, lifestyle, diet, weight (esp. raised BMI).  Some of these factors we can obviously change, but others not.

At this stage there are no specific treatments that can conclusively eliminate cellulite.  External treatments that promise to eliminate cellulite are not very successful and result in many post-treatment tears and disappointment.  The vital ingredient of any cellulite-busting treatment will be to remove the fibrous septae.
I am working on a novel treatment that is minimally invasive and involves separating the fibrous strands under local anaesthetic.  The results look promising, but we are waiting for longer term results to offer this treatment confidently.  WATCH THIS SPACE...........

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  1. Almost like a honey cone where the honey represents the fat and the cone the fibrous septa.Cellulite Creams