Thursday, 23 June 2016

VASER 360 degree legs (circumferential)

We have had a resurgence of requests for the circumferential treatment of legs/ thighs.  Our success rate has been really good.
With the majority of patients also having mild lipoedema we always work hand in hand with MLD therapists.
Some of the excellent practitioners we refer to are Henrietta Cassar from MLDLondon , Julie Bradford and Petra Erving, Kimberley Harrington, Helen Fox
It really is vital to find a good therapist that will see you through the recovery period.

Obviously the more fatty deposit there is the more impressive the results will be.  We can however also make smaller thighs look more shapely by making them more proportionate.

The important factor is the skin texture and elasticity.  If this is not ideal then any removal of tissue may result in loss of skin turgor and resultant laxity.  Then one would need to consider a thigh-lift which is more complex and involves excising skin and pulling the remaining tissue tighter by stitching it back together. 
We would certainly recommend this option if the VASER liposuction is not suitable.
In all cases it is important to maintain realistic expectations.  We are not magicians and cannot create something out of nothing.......
In most cases we can create something more shapely that will fit much more comfortably in clothes especially around the hips and thighs.