Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement, BHRT

As we get older our body also starts producing less hormones.  These substances are produced by our glands that are part of the endocrine system and vital in maintaining our homeostasis or hormonal balance.  They control every function in our body.  Any deviation from this balance may result in changes to our body systems or organs.  Invariably this can result in many symptoms.
The most important hormones associated with our daily well-being are testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone.  With the normal ageing process all of these decline to a certain extent.
Balancing and replenishing these hormones is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, positive mood and energy.  They are also essential for healthy skin, alert brain function, skin rejuvenation and cardiovascular health.  This goes for males and females although the levels will vary between genders.

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is usually associated with menopause and has received bad publicity in the press for being associated with increased risk of breast cancer and gynecological malignancies.  Classically HRT was produced from synthetic materials which are very dissimilar to the naturally occurring hormones and thus have other side effect profiles.

Bio-identical Hormones are sourced from naturally occurring Mexican yams and are identical in structure to the human hormones. They are 100% identical in chemical structure and thus have the same effect on the endocrine system.  This also means that they do not have the deleterious negative associations mentioned earlier.

The most common indications for Bio-identical HRT are adrenopause (low testosterone), menopause, PMS, postnatal depression, menstrual irregularities.

You may have had your hormone levels tested at the GP and they have come back within normal ranges, but they may have been on the low side.  As they are within the normal range the GP may have reassured you that the levels are all good.  Having slightly low testosterone or progesterone may have an affect on your daily mood, sleep pattern, energy levels or metabolism and although you generally feel ok, re-balancing these levels may make you feel GREAT.  It may just mean replenishing the progesterone or testosterone by a small amount, but this may make the difference between feeling energised or lethargic.

We will check your levels and discuss the possible options in replenishing them.  Regular follow-up visits will allow us to check the effects and possible need to teak the treatment.
We work hand-in-hand with  a compounding pharmacy who manufacture the correct dosages of your required hormones.
BHRT can be taken in various forms such as creams and lozenges prepared to the patients' individual requirements.

Symptoms that may indicate a hormonal imbalance:
low energy (fatigue), lethargy, deminished libido, erectile dysfunction, irritability, skin changes, mood swings, hot flushes, unable to lose weight, breast tenderness, depression, memory loss.
(these are some examples and there are many more, these may certainly also be part of other medical conditions and are not exclusively predictors of hormone imbalance)


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