Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Male chest reduction - gynecomastia

Many guys find this is a real issue.  Often they are very apprehensive about looking into treatments, and find it embarrassing asking what can be done about it.
The good thing is that there is a solution, and one which is very effective and fairly straight forward in terms of procedure and recovery.
The majority of males will have a certain amount of muscle, fat and glandular component forming the chest prominence.  When you tighten your pec muscles - everything you can pinch in between your fingers that is mobile is generally something that can potentially be removed.
In many cases we have asymmetrical bulk which means that one side is slightly larger than the other - this is normal anatomical variation.  The human body is not a symmetrical structure.

There are various options to reduce the chest bulk:
1. Traditional liposuction
2. Surgical excision
3. VASER Liposuction

1+2 have been around for many years and are still appropriate for the right candidates- usually when there is large amount of excess gland and excess skin.
For the moderate gynecomastia patient VASER is a perfect alternative.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia (awake) and takes approximately 1.5 hrs.  You can go home straight away. I recommend wearing a compression vest for 2 weeks to minimise swelling and bruising.  Majority of patients will only require painkillers for 24hrs.

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