Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Recovery - VASER male chest reduction

Once you are the road to recovery you will notice that the chest will feel a little firm, the tissue will feel spongy.  This is completely normal.

Occasionally patients will experience various types of sensation:
1. Itchiness
2. Hypersensitivity of the nipple
3. Numbness of the skin
4. Tingling sensation

These are all normal parts of the healing process and indicate that healing is still taking place.  Remember that you may experience these on both sides or only on one side, or at different time intervals.  This is normal.

With progress you will notice some small nodules (almost like a "string of pearls") on the margin of your pectoral muscle especially when you stretch your arm upwards like reaching for the stars.  This is completely normal again.
I recommend that you stretch regularly (2-3 times a day) and massage these areas very firmly and they will soften up.  MLD helps tremendously for this.
The other action I recommend is to hang off the door frame suspending your weight partially and with the other hand massage the "string of pearls".  Within a few days this will soften up.

Remember that none of these times frames are exact and every person will heal at a different pace.

Have a look at my YoutTube channel DrWolf.com for some informative videos on the procedure and recovery.....

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