Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Expectations after Lipo

The challenge for any medical practitioner in the aesthetics industry is to make an accurate assessment with regards to the suitability of a patient.  After thorough medical history taking and short psychological profiling the mainstay of suitability is not only physical examination, but also what the expectations are.
Every patient needs to be seen as a new canvass and no two patients can be compared. The variables of any patient pathway is different to the next patients'.
The human body is complex structure and thus we can broadly describe a recovery processes, however, each individual will have his/her unique recovery path.  Thus we can only give guidelines and estimate time scales, or give broad time frame ranges.
Expectations need to be very realistic.  We as Doctors are not magicians and are governed and restricted by anatomical features and physiological processes that we have no hold over.
Yes we can improve features, yes we can subtly change shapes or alter contours - there are however limitations.

If you are striving for perfection then having aesthetic/cosmetic surgery or treatments is not the right solution.  You need to have very realistic expectations.
If anyone promises you perfection or picture perfect results you should also be alarmed.

Realistic results will include slight imperfections and slight asymmetries.
The human body is not a perfect symmetrical structure and anything the resembles that is most likely photoshopped or fake.......

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