Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Central fat is worse than being fat all over

Scientists have now determined that central or visceral fat is more unhealthy than being fat all over.  See this article
Although this is nothing new there is a little more scientific evidence on the topic now.  We have always known that central fat is more harmful, but there has never been much evidence.  Clever Docs at the Mayo Clinic have now found out that the risk of early death is far higher when having a "belly" than being generally obese.  Now, this does not mean that its ok to be obese.  Central obesity is often associated with metabolic disease or syndromes and thus carries with it relatively more risk of early death.
It shows thus that it is important where you carry your fat.  Visceral is also rather difficult to target.  It only responds to exercise and dietary change.  Lipo is not an option here......

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