Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Exercise after VASER lipo and Microlipo

After your surgical procedure you will need to let your body rest and recover.  In addition your nutrition will need to be balanced to help with the healing process.
Most patients who are active prior to the procedure get really itchy feet in the first week or two after the procedure as they feel lethargic and get the unfit feeling.

Stretching is very important every single day.  You want to get your body out of its comfort zone and break up the scar tissue.  Try touch your toes, flex to the right and the left and try and touch your knees.  If you feel any "knots" massage them with firm pressure.  These may come and go.  The more you stretch and massage the quicker the lumps and knots will disappear.  Remember that you will also feel numerous types of sensation - itchiness, hypersensitivity, numbness - all these are normal and indicate that the healing process is progressing.

Exercises you can start doing immediately after the procedure are hill walking and treadmill low impact, high incline walking.  You will prefer not to do any impact work such as running or jogging.  You can also go swimming after all the incision points have healed - generally a week after the procedure.

Obviously areas that have not been treated can be exercised with caution and if it feels comfortable then continue and build up the levels.  Your body will remind you what can what cant, or should not be done.
If any doubt just speak to your Doc.

I find it really helpful wearing a heart rate monitor as this can give you an idea of how many calories you are burning.  There are various types on the market.  Best to get one that determines the calories from the heart rate.  Ideally you want to get to heart rate ranges of 160bpm.  If you can sustain this for 40 seconds and then have a 10s rest and repeat the process about 4 times, would be good.  Your fitness levels will soon improve.

After 4 weeks you should be able to get back into a fairly normal routine.  Build it up slowly.   Don't jump straight into "Insanity".  Use a week to get back up to speed.

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