Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Lipoedema, lipedema

Once again I have seen numerous patients in the last few weeks that have mild to moderate cases of lipoedema and have been seen by several GP's and plastic surgeons who fail to recognise the condition.
This is very frustrating for patients as they are continuously asked to lose weight.  LIPOEDEMA does not respond to dietary weight loss or exercise.

Patients find it such a relief when they are told of the condition and informed on what they have and why they themselves cannot change their shape.  They find it a relief that they have not failed in attempting to change their body-shape, but that they have this condition which prevents this.

I can only hope that the awareness and acceptance of Lipoedema improves in the medical circles.

Some help forums -
www.Lipoedemaladies.com      Facebook - Lipoedema ladies webpage

 I cannot strongly recommend you do as much research as possible and also get in contact with a MLD therapist in your area   www.MLDuk.org.uk

Below is a video of one of the options to improve the appearance of Lipoedema

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