Tuesday, 30 September 2014

2 hour surgery time slots are a No,No - alarm bells should ring

I've had a few patients see me recently for a consultations for various treatments that have had consultations at other clinics.
A common question I get asked is how many 2 hours slots will be required, or if we work in other time limited surgery slots.
I am amazed that doctors actually try and work and perform treatments limited to time slots.
A procedure should be performed to its completion regardless of how long it takes.  If the doctor is limited by time then there is a good chance that the procedure is either rushed or incomplete.  This will results in poor results or complications.
Remember that you are not paying for the time, but for the complete procedure and result.  The doctor should not be limited by a 2 hour time slot.

I thus advise that any clinic that performs surgery in limited time slots should be avoided.

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