Tuesday, 16 September 2014

VASER, traditional liposuction and MLD

In my practise I see many patients that do their homework and attend 1-3 consultations to gather information on treatments.  It gives the patient the opportunity to get to know the doctor and determine whether they like/get on with them.
Remember that having any cosmetic procedure means you are going to have a patient-Dr relationship for 6-12 months, if not more.  You need to "like" your doctor....!!
Seeing more than one doctor also allows you to gather more information about procedures and appreciate different approaches of doctors.
Its much more likely that you will all your questions answered by seeing more than one doctor.
I often get asked why some doctors are still practicing traditional liposuction and have not converted to VASER.  The answer to this is multifactorial - some patients still warrant having traditional liposuction for massive bulk reduction.  When removing large volumes (5 litres upwards) it is advisable to stay overnight to monitor your fluid balances.
Some doctors prefer to stick with what they know works; others are not keen to progress on to newer treatments.  The machines are very expensive and not every doctor can afford to purchase these machines.

Over the years the progress that has been made in terms of aftercare has been phenomenal.  I still battle to understand though why old-school surgeons have not adopted the train of thought that MLD post-op is firstly very effective to reduce swelling, secondly, expedite recovery, thirdly, reduce bruising, fourthly, reduce the incidence of irregularities and lastly, also afford a continuity of care.
I work hand in hand with many MLD practitioners and many of them are now well experienced in treating post-op VASER patients.  Reassuringly, many comment on how much faster VASER patients recover compared to traditional liposuction patients.

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